Land plot: Tööstuskoha, Jädivere, Vigala parish, Estonia


Land plot: Tööstuskoha, Jädivere, Vigala parish, Estonia


The plot of land in the parish of Vigala. Very beautiful place, with a unique natural landscape. Through the area flows the river of Enge (length of river Bank 100m).
On the plot is a big old watermill, which is not subject to the restrictions and requirements. The mill might be restored or demolished.

Ideal for the business idea, according to which on the highway via Baltica it is possible to build a place of stay and residence, hotel, camping, including Parking for trailers and campers (the number of which in Estonia is negligible), the restaurant with the cultivation of fish, etc.

Part of the land can be leased under seeding.

General data:
The total area of 5 hectares
s W. building area: 490 m2
Arable land/field: 2.18 ha
Natural meadows: 1.49 ha
Estate land: 0.08 ha
Other: 1.25 ha
including the underwater part: 0.31 ha

Aleksandr Mazko
CEO, Nogard Invest Ltd
Founder of Nogard Invest Ltd
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